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Musky Fishing

Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2012 6:28 pm

On Sunday a little around 4P.M. Out on the Chippewa Flow age. Sitting on shore sucker fishing for musky. Me and dad had four musky pole and we only had there set up for sucker fishing. My dad said that he was going to change reel on the musky pole. When he was doing that the middle pole line was going out, so me and him ran to the pole to see if the musky was on the other end of the line, but theres was no fish on the other end. Three seconds later the right pole line goings out, so I ran to the pole to see if there was a musky on but there wasn't no musky. When Iwas seen if there was a musky my dad said that there a musky on the pole that he was fixing. So I went to my dad and he put the other reel on the pole and handed my the pole. My dad pull the boat off the shore and I jumped in, then I was reeling in the line to see if there was a musky, but I couldn't feel anything, so my dad said that there was one on. I set the hook twice to make sure that sucker popped off and the hooks were in the musky jaw. When I got it in the boat. My dad measure the musky and it was a 45in. The weather was wind.

P.S. my dad's name is Jeffery Kirkland

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